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Full Version, featuring
30 Cycles in 18 to 39 minutes
for up to 2 kbp Amplicons

Palm PCR G1-12 is a full version of the Palm PCR series. In addition to the three Standard
Fast PCR speed levels, two speed levels each of the Standard Slow and Turbo Fast modes
are provided. The dynamic range is extended to up to 2 kbp in the Standard Slow mode,
and the PCR amplification is accelerated to 18-21 min/30-cycles in the Turbo Fast mode.

Key Features of G1-12 System:
• Battery-powered, stand-alone device:
More than 4 hours of operation on a single charge
• Ultra-fast amplification:
18-21 min/30 cycles in the Turbo Fast mode (≤ 500 bp), and
24-30 min/30 cycles in the Standard Fast mode (≤ 1 kbp)
• Extreme high efficiency:
Near single copy amplification sensitivity below 10 copies
• Extended dynamic range:
Up to 2 kbp with the high-speed and high-efficiency
• High well-to-well uniformity:
Better than +/- 0.1°C
• Conform to the standard 9 mm well spacing:
To use disposable plastic Palm PCR sample tubes
• Simple and adaptable:
Easy to program and compatible with standard tools

The Palm PCR G1-12 system consists of:
Palm PCR G1-12 Portable PCR Device,
• Model WB-1012A Wedge Base,
• Model LP-1920A Li Polymer Battery, and
• Model AD-1540A (or KPL-060H) AC/DC Adapter.

Price: Please inquire.

Available in a white color only:
• RedPart No. G1012-R
• BluePart No. G1012-B
• YellowPart No. G1012-Y